Cremation Services for K-9 & Companion Animals

Dog Statue

At Angel View Pet Cemetery, private cremation services for service animals, and active K-9 dogs are offered free of charge. Retired service pets are cremated for half the private cremation cost.

Many service animals help by performing tasks the people they live with are unable to do. Sometimes, just their presence is enough to help with depression. Hospitals often bring in pets for long-term patients to love and care for. These animals provide comfort and purpose to their human companions.

We are pleased to have a crematory with enough room to accommodate large animals. This means that your horse or pony will remain intact. We have had the honor of taking care of animals as big as a giraffe from the Franklin Park Zoo. You can be assured that each step of our operation is conducted with dignity and good taste. You may view your horse or pony before the cremation if you wish.

K-9 dogs undergo rigorous training to learn how to perform skills that human law enforcement personnel are not able to do. K-9 dogs can search for drugs or weapons with their acute sense of smell. These dogs will put their lives on the line in search and rescue operations and in circumstances that are life threatening to their human partners.

Because these animals spend their lives helping people, we feel it is only appropriate for us to give back in some small way to help repay them for their steadfast service. We can arrange to have the crematory available for anyone wishing to view his or her pet and wait for the cremains. We have provided this service for many Massachusetts state and local police dogs.

Formal burial is also available. The burial plots are free of charge and are chosen by Angel View staff.

Arrangement for your special pet can be made by calling our office. Our professional staff will answer any questions you may have.