Equine Cremation Services

horse statue

Angel View Pet Cemetery is proud to offer cremation services for your horse or pony. Each is treated with the utmost compassion, respect, and care. Because of the large size of our crematory, your horse or pony will be cremated intact. We understand this is a difficult time in your life, and we offer you a wide range of quality services for the final departure of your cherished horse or pony.

Our staff is more than happy to discuss these possibilities with you:

  • Transportation and emergency transportation
  • Burial in a beautiful country setting
  • Choice of urn for cremains
  • Cremation Garden
  • Final resting place in our picturesque cemetery
  • Formal burial of cremains with memorial
  • Granite markers featuring the name, birth, and death dates of your horse or pony

We are pleased to have a crematory with enough room to accommodate large animals. This means that your horse or pony will remain intact. We have had the honor of taking care of animals as big as a giraffe from the Franklin Park Zoo. You can be assured that each step of our operation is conducted with dignity and good taste. You may view your horse or pony before the cremation if you wish.