Because We Care About Your Pet

Silver Urn

At Angel View Pet Cemetery, private cremation services for service animals and active K-9 dogs are offered free of charge. Retired service pets are cremated for half the private cremation cost.

What is Cremation?

Private Cremation
Many pet owners want to preserve the memory of their pet and honor them. Because this is an intensely personal time, you may want to consider having your pet individually cremated. Your pet is placed in the crematory alone, and only your pet's ashes are returned to you. The cremation remains (cremains) of your pet will be returned to you in a handsome cedar wooden urn with a handsome cedar wooden urn or you may choose from our wide selection of urns.
Scheduled Private Cremation
If you are concerned about receiving your pet or equine's cremains, Angel View Pet Cemetery and Crematory offers a scheduled private cremation. For an additional fee, the office crematory will be available for those wishing to view their pet and bring the cremains home with them the same day. If you wish, you can see your pet or equine placed into the crematory and the doors are then closed. The person doing the cremation will give you the time your pet's cremains will be ready for you to take them home. We return the cremains to you in a handsome cedar wooden urn.
Group Cremation
During a group cremation, your pet will be cremated with other pets. Since it is impossible to separate the cremains after this process, the ashes will not be returned to you. The cremains of these pets will be buried here at Angel View Pet Cemetery. You will always have a place to come and visit your pet at Angel View, as our grounds contain 28 acres of land zoned exclusively as a final resting place for pets. You may consider purchasing a plaque featuring a photograph or well-chosen words that will be affixed in a place of honor on our Memorial Wall.

Cremation Jewelry

Angel View is pleased to offer a selection of beautiful jewelry in which a small amount of cremains can be encapsulated. Made of silver or glass, this tasteful jewelry can be worn anywhere and there are several designs of pendants in different shapes, such as hearts or cylinders.

Please give us a call today with any questions you may have.