Memorial Services for Your Beloved Pet

Each pet is unique. We offer many types of services you can choose from to create a lasting memorial for your pet or equine.

24-hour transportation
We are available to transport your beloved pet from the veterinarian’s office or your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Equine services
Both cremation and burial are available for your horse or pony. Our crematory is capable of receiving your equine intact, without damage to limbs
You may choose from many sections in our 28 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds.
Individual and group cremation
We offer both and will work with you to decide which option is right for you.
We have a selection of over 150 urns that are distinct and have a quiet elegance. We will help you make a choice to fit your preference and budget.
From basic to deluxe styles, there are many from which you may choose.
Memorial markers
You will have plenty of time to choose a design that reflects your precious pet.
A viewing room
Available for the family to gather before the burial or cremation; you can have a place to say your farewells.
Cremation wall
You may choose to have your pet’s remains interred here; a plaque marker with a picture and special sentiment is provided.
Memorial wall
Our memorial wall will feature a timeless tribute to your pet.

We are available to assist you in deciding which service to choose, providing you with many options. The cost of interment depends on the size of the pet, as well as the location, style of casket, and the type of marker you choose.

Our Open Door Policy

Angel View Pet Cemetery and Crematory encourages your family’s decision to be a part of pet and equine after-care services. We will arrange for your family to view the crematorium and cremation process, and, if so desires, to participate in some way in the cremation process. We understand that every family’s needs are different and at Angel View we will take any steps necessary to accommodate your family’s wishes.


Arrangements in Advance

Making final arrangements prior to the need is a way of ensuring you will not have to make important decisions during what will be a time of grief. We understand that it is normal not to want to think about the inevitable, but pre-planning can take some of the discomfort off your shoulders when the time arrives.

We hope that you will visit Angel View Pet Cemetery to see our beautiful grounds. Take some time to talk with our staff. They will explain our policies, procedures, and costs.